Welcome to this year´s show

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Falkängen is a small handicraft village located in the village of Hällekis, close to the mount Kinnekulle and the lake Vänern.

The handicraft village has about 65.000 – 70.000 visitors per year during the time of four month in the summer, between the 1st of May and the 31st of August.

Within a radie of 50 km from Hällekis, about 150.000 citizens are located. At the mount Kinnekulle, quarrying of stone has been going on since more than a thousand of years. The former limestone quarry is also well known for fossils.

Skaraborgs Geological Society has been located at the Falkängen handicraft village since over twenty years. SGS also have an exhibition of minerals and fossils at the location.

When SGS in 2009 was taking over the Mineral Show of Långban, we did that with the expectation to offer the exhibitors and visitors a mineral show close to beautiful nature and in a village with cultural history.


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